You can't find any IoT device which doesn't need to configure for operations. There are many cases you should configure your device to work. The simplest example is WiFi credentials or IP configuration of the network, sometimes you need to set up IoT server address, etc. OTAdrive configuration service provides a simple json object as configuration. You don't have to recompile and update your firmware to just change a parameter for your customer. For example in our LED blinker project, we shouldn't recompile our firmware just to change the blinking speed. Blinking speed could be a configurable parameter and we can just fetch new parameters from OTAdrive.

Define first configuration

The configuration service is an rest api let device to fetch the parameters you defined. To define a configuration go to configurations tab of your product and click [+] button.
OTA drive configuration page

Enter a name and description for your configuration then enter your field in json format.
OTAdrive configuration new dialog

Now you should set this configuration to your deviceGroup , goto device group tab and select configuration for your group then click on save button. OTAdrive configuration set

Check the result

It's test time, just replace your APIkey and device serial in followin url and open it in your browser.

OTAdrive configuration set

ESP32 Configuration

Please check here

ESP8266 Configuration

Please check here

Secure Configurations

Please check here for ESP32
Please check here for ESP8266