# OTAdrive APIs

Following APIs are accesible in OTAdrive

API Name Url Http Method Parameters
Firmware Update /deviceapi/update GET K,S,V
Device Alive /deviceapi/alive GET/POST K,S,V
Device Config /deviceapi/config GET K,S,V*

Following parameters are use in methods

Parameter Description
K APIkey provide for your product. e.g. c0af643b-4f90-4905-9807-db8be5164cde
S Unique serial number of your device. It could be in decimal or hexadecimal. e.g. 123456789 Or 75BCD15
V Current firmware version of your device. We suggest to use standard format. e.g.

# Firmware Upgrade API

This service has an API with three parameters bellow

OTAdrive update api algorithm diagram

# GetConfiguration API

This API returns the device configuration values in JSON format. The method needs three parameters K, S to work.


You can define configurations in your OTAdrive panel for each product. This API returns exactly what you defined in configuration JSON properties.

# Alive API

This API does nothing, only logs device activity to ensure the device is online and works. In the future, it will get some parameters like battery voltage and can alarm you about low voltage.